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The research on our Whiteside line was accomplished with the
help of distant Whiteside relatives, obituaries, hsitory books
and from the research of Dr. Don Whiteside and Foster Clay
Whiteside.  My inital research started with a 1969 obituary
for my Great Grandfather, Garland Erastus Whiteside, and
subsequent rresearch to find out who his parents were. Not an
easy task because Garland Whiteside's parents were listed as
W.M Whiteside and C. Ella Whiteside. Genealogy websites such
as ancestry.com and genealogy.com contain hundreds of
Whitesides, as well as hundreds of Williams.  My research
required obtaining death and birth records, copies of social
security applications and comparing names and dates of births,
of children born to William Whiteside.

My earlier research, which did not include confirming sources,
led me to believe that one of our earlier ancestors was a Mr.
William Whiteside (1710-1777) and Elizabeth Stockton
(1714-1759), who had 3 sons- "William," "John" and "Thomas,"  
however, after comparing my notes with the the research of Don
Whiteside and that of Foster Clay Whiteside, realized that I
had the wrong William.  The names were right but the dates of
birth did not match up.  Our William was born in 1710 but died
in 1761. Our William did have three sons named William, John
and Thomas.  While I had the wrong William, there is
substantial evidence to show that he is related to our
William.   Fellow genalogist, Warren Whiteside, initiated a
DNA testing program in an effort to connect Whiteside together
from the United States and Europe. This testing may connect
the two Williams together.  Meanwhile, the sources for the
entire family of William Whiteside and Elizabeth Stockton is
documented in various books;
Kings Mountain and It's Heroes
(Lyman Draper),
The Whiteside Book and Echoes of their Voices
(Clarence Reed).
Bridges to the Past (Old Tryon County
Historical Society), documents our William's family line as
well as that of William and Elizabeth [Stockton] Whiteside.  
It is believed that William (1710-1777) may be the paternal
uncle of William (1710-1761).  Disregard the closeness in age
as I discoverd that my Grandfather, Garland E. Whiteside Jr
was one month younger than his uncle, Benjamin Wilson

  Date: 11/9/2002 5:19:29 am Pacific Standard Time

 Mandy, there is a suspicion that this Dr. Thomas Whiteside   
   may be the common grandparent of many unknowing (or     
 uncaring) Whiteside. Thomas had 10 children of which 8 were
 sons who apparently are mentioned in his will. It appears
 that two are known to have gone to North Carolina, William
 (1710-1777) and Thomas (1685-1748/58), but now it looks like
   others may have gone to KY and who knows where. The yDNA    
    trail is there but next will be the correlating data that  
     might be much more difficult to locate. My regards and
best     wishes, Cousin (?) Warren Whiteside

First Generation

For purposes of my project, I am indicating Thomas Whiteside
(1685-1748/58) as the father of our Whiteside family, in
contrast to Foster Clay Whiteside's use of William Whiteside
(1710-1761) as father of our family line. For official
purposes, Foster Clay Whiteside's choice is valid because of
his sources, however Thomas Whiteside, while not fully
confirmed, is a logical albeit speculative.

  11/19/2002 7:39:45 pm PST. Email (Elliot Whiteside)

   Mandy, I have been communicating with Bill Whiteside of    
     Illinoise regrding Don Whiteside's opinion about the      
      kinship between several of the early Whiteside families.
       He recently sent me the following information:

   In correspondence with Bill on November 22, 1987, Don      
     reported the possible connection with the following       
      admonition - "Well, it's the best I can guess at with
the       information I have. Perhaps other informaiton will
change       the whole pattern."  He went on to say that there
appears       to be two William's born c 1710. Since Thomas,
b-1685,          didn't name tow sons 'William', Don decided
that one must       be a brother of Thomas, even though there
is a 25 year age      gap. The propsoed connections go as

  An unknown first name Whiteside born in Ireland fathered    
    several sons as follows:

  01- Thomas c1685, d-1748/58 VA
  02-William b-1710, d 1777 NC
  03 others?

  01- Thomas c1685, d-1748/58 VA, fathered the following      

   11-William 1710/18, d-1761 VA
   12- Moses 1725, d-1795 VA

In the 1970's, Foster Clay Whiteside began researching our
Whiteside family line, undoubtedly after reading some of Don
Whiteside's research done in the 1960's. As written in
to the Past-

  Foster Clay Whiteside has concluded that one William        
    Whiteside, born about 1710 in Ireland- died about 1761 in  
     Augusta Co., VA., is the father of our branch of the      
      Whiteside families in this country. He lists three sons;
       William (b-1730 Ireland, d-1878 KY), Thomas (b-1733     
        Ireland, d-after 1785) and John [1] (b-1735 Ireland,
d.         1760 Augusta Co., VA).  This John [1] (b-1735,
d-1760) is       the progenitor of our branch of (our) the
Whiteside             Family.

Second Generation

As noted previously, we have reason to believe that Thomas
Whiteside was the father of William Whiteside (1710-1761) and
therefore is the father of our line.  That being said, William
will take 2nd generation status.

As researched by Foster Clay Whiteside and noted in
Bridges to
the Past
(vol. 1, page 245), William Whiteside was born c 1710
in Ireland and died c 1761 in Augusta Co Va. He is believed to
have fought in the French and Indian War and was married,
although the name of his wife remains unknown. Documentation
shows three sons-
William (1730)
Thomas (1733)
John W. Whiteside (1735)

                  Third Generation

John W. Whiteside, the third son of william Whiteside, who
according to Foster Clay Whiteside is the progenitor of our
family line, was born c 1735, in Ireland and died c 1760.

   11/19/2002 7:39:45 PM. PST email Elliot Whiteside

   113 John 1735, c1760 VA, fathered the following children:
   113.1 Thomas 1754-1815
   113.2 Mary 1756-1840
   113.3 John Jr. 1758-1835

   John 1735, c1760 VA, married Mary Underwood and was the    
     father of the family designated as family 4000 by Don     
      Whiteside and was the specific focus of the genealogy
work      recorded by Foster Clay Whiteside.

John W. Whiteside married Mary Molly Underwood (b-1734 VA,
d-1828 Rutherford Co, NC). Mary Molly Underwood's mother, also
named Molly, was born in Ireland and married John Brown while
in Ireland. The Brown family emigrated from Ireland to
Virginia and shortly after, John Brown died, leaving a child,
Richard an orphan. Mary Molly Brown then married Joseph
Underwood. Her daughter Mary was the last of 4 children born
to Mary Underwood and Joseph Underwood.  Mary and John would
have three children:

Thomas (1754-1816)
Mary (1756-1840)
John Jr (1758-1835)

As stated by Foster Clay Whiteside, in his unpublished
research(1969), of which I have a copy-

   The oldest Whiteside who we know (as yet) positively is
our ancestor is John Whiteside Sr (1735-1760).  He died in
Virginia. An almost universally distributed tradition in the
family says that the founder of the family in America was born
in Ireland and came to this counry with two of his brother,
settling in Virginia.  In the mid 1700's there were at least
two other Whitesides living in the Piedmont-Shenandoah Valley
region of Virginia whose ages were such that they could have
been his brothers.  There were apparently some there also who
were older. It is hoped that it can yet be definitely be
established if our John Whiteside Sr is one of the brohters
who ere born in Ireland or if he is the son of one of them.
Our Whiteside Family History

1710 to the present