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The section on Kath, Heinrich and Chawgo will be limited as most of these lines
were from Germany and had only came to the United States in the late 1800's.  
Technically speaking,  Kath's associated with our line never had a "Kath" child born
in the United States.  There were only 2 male "Kath's" in the United States, of our
line,  and they were Albert E. Kath and his son August Kath. August never had
children so technically the name ended with him.  However, the daughter of Albert
E. Kath, Amelia Kath, married and had 2 children. Sadly, she died after 1904 and
before 1910. Her husband would abandon the family leaving the two children to be
raised by their grandparents Albert E. Kath and Mathilda Kath. For whatever reason
whether it was convenience or  adoption, the children would take on the Kath name.

Germany to the United States

As far as I know the first documented Kath of the Kath/Chawgo line was
Albert E. Kath who was born in June of 1842 in Germany as were his parents. He
was married in 1871 to
"Mathilda" born (1851), according to their 1900 census for
Oswego, Oswego, NY and had
at least 2 children who can be documented; August
(1876) and Amelia Kath (1872). There was another Albert Kath in the same
area but I am unable to tie him to the Kath's of Murray St.

Accordint to their 1900 census, Albert E. Kath and his family immigrated to the
United States in 1883 and were naturalized in 1889. A Grandmother,
Augusta Grim
was also listed on their 1900 census which showed her approximate date of birth as
1820 and immigration year also as 1883. It is not known if she was the mother of
Albert Kath or the Mother of Mathilda.  I have been unable to find an immigration
record which shows all of them together. The documented children of Albert E. Kath
and Mathilda Kath were:

August Albert Kath (b) 1874/76 (d) 1935 Oswego County, Oswego, NY
Amelia Augusta Kath (b) 1871/72 (d) 1904 Oswego County, Oswego, NY
At the time of the 1900 census, Albert, his wife Mathilda, son August and "mother"
resided on Murray St. The exact listing showed:

Albert E. Kath (57) June1842, married 28 years, to U.S. 1883, day laborer
Mathilda Kath (48) July 1851, married 28 years, to U.S. 1883,at home
August Kath    (25) Oct 1874, single, to U.S. 1883, lumber hand
Augusta Grim (mother) (80) May 1820, Wd, to U.S. 1883
1900 Census, NY, Oswego, Oswego

In 1888, Amelia Augusta Kath, born approx. 1871/72, married Ira Chawgo (+-Dec
1876) and during the timie they were married, had  2 children;

Albert Frederick Chawgo, born June 24, 1899 and baptised at St. Paul's Evangelical
Lutheran Church, according to a baptismal letter dated 1954 and
Margaret Chawgo (Margarite) born approx in March 2, 1904, according to her social
security administration death record and various census reports).

1888 Amelia Kath & Ira Chawgo wedding portrait

In 1900, Amelia Augusta Kath Chawgo resided in Oswego, Oswego, New York, at
102 Murray #24 with her husband Ira. The exact listing of the 1900 census showed:

Ira Chawgo, 23, Dec 1876, married 2 years, laundry hand.
Amelia (wife)28, Feb 1871, married 2 years, at home, naturalized 1889
Albert F (son) 9 mo, June 1899,
1900 Census, NY, Oswego Ira & Amelia Chawgo
                                            St. Paul's Certificate of baptism. (Albert E. Chawgo)

According to Laura Kath, Amelia Kath Chawgo died in around June or July 1904
when her daughter Margaret was 4 months old. Following her death, her children
Albert F. Chawgo and Margaret Chawgo would be raised and subsequently adopted
by Amelia's parents (Albert E. & Mathilda Kath). Her husband Ira abandoned the
family and was listed as being widowed and residing with his widowed Mother
E. Chawgo
in Sandy Creek, Oswego, NY.                                                        
1910 Sandy Creek Oswego census

The 1910 census for Oswego, Oswego, NY household of Albert E. Kath lists on
Murray Street:

Albert E. Kath 66,  married 40 years
Mathilda, wife. 58, married 40 yrs
August, son, 37, gardener for private home
Albert, grandson, 10
Marguerite, granddaughter, 6              
1910 Census Oswego, Oswego census

Albert E. Kath died sometime in 1916 according to Laura Kath.  On May 15, 1917
in the City of Oswego, Oswego County, NY,  
Albert Frederick Chawgo (Kath), son
of Ira Chawgo and Amelia Kath married  
Maria Johanna Sophia Heinrich, (1888)
daughter of Karl A. Heinrich and Eda M. Franz. Their marriage license states that
Maria Heinrich was 24 in 1917 however, two sources show her date of birth to Oct
11, 1888; the social security death index which would have had information provided
by Marie Heinrich Kath and the 1900 Request for Prussian Citizenship completed by
Marie's father Carl Heinrich which also states her date of birth to be Oct 11, 1888.

1917 marriage license-Kath/Heinrich
                                                           1917 Albert Kath/Maria Heinrich photo
                                                           1900 Prussian Citizenship Request
                                                           Application for Social Security Number

In 1918, August Albert Kath registered for WWI Draft. It is not known if he servied
though.  Albert Frederick Kath also registers for the WWI draft. They both list 213
Murray St. as their address.
WWI Draft Card Albert F. Kath
                                                            WWI Draft Card August A. Kath

In 1920 August Albert Kath resided on Murray St. in Oswego, NY with his mother
Mathilda and his 15 year old married niece Margaret "Bernstein". I'm sure that the
last name is an error and that her last name was Shortsleeve as it is listed as in the
1930 census and subsequent Social Security death index. Once again, the information
on the social security death index would have had information provided by Margaret
Shortsleeve. The 1920 census listed:

Mathilda Kath, head, 68 widowed
August , son, 44, single, laborer for a box factory.
Margaret Bernstein, 15, married, "daughter" finisher at a Cotton Mill

1920 Census Oswego, Oswego NY- Mathilda Kath

In 1920 Albert F. Kath and his wife Maria Heinrich Kath resided on Tolman St. in
Oswego, NY. They have a 1 1/2 year old daughter Nina.  Albert is employed at a
box factory.  Note: Albert lists his fathers birthplace and language as being
Deutchland and "Dutch" respectively.

By 1930 Albert Frederick Kath and his wife Maria Heinrich Kath are residing on
Stafford Avenue in Syracus, adadonga County, NY. Albert is 31 and a salesman for
drygoods. His wife Maria is a housewife. They have three children by that time;
Nina age 11, Albert C. age 9 and Virginia June age 2 1/2.

                                               1920 Census, Oswego, NY- Albert F. Kath
                                               1930 census, Syracuse, Anadonga, NY-Albert Kath

Back in Oswego, Oswego County, August Kath (54), son of Albert E. Kath and
Mathilda Kath,  is listed as head of the house and was employed as a gardener for a
private residence. His mother Mathilda Kath is now 78 and his niece, Margaret
"Shortsleeve", daughter of Amelia Kath Chawgo is now 24, a machine operator at
Rayon Mills and the mother of a young daugher named Elizabeth (6) (approximate
date of birth 1924).  Mathilda Kath died sometime in 1930 following the 1930 census
followed by her son August in 1935 according to Laura Kath in an email she sent to
me in 2002. Albert E, Mathilda, Amelia and August Kath are buried at St Peter's
Cemetery on River Rd. in Oswego, NY

1930 Census, Oswego, NY- Mathilda Kath

According to Laura Kath, in an email to me from 2002,  Albert Frederick Chawgo
Kath, died September 20, 1950 in Syracuse, NY. As explained to me during a  
conversation with my Mother inlaw  June Kath Humphrey, her father Albert
Frederick Kath was employed as a Pinkerton Detective. During a visit with her
family in Sept of 1950, her father had just completed a physical exam for Pinkerton
which gave him a clean bill of health. While on route back to her own home, June
Kath Humphrey received word that her father died peacefully in his sleep apparently
from a blood clot that was not noticed during his physical exam. I am in the process
of obtaining records to officially confirm that information. Marie Kath Heinrich  died
July 8,  1978  in a nursing home in Syracuse, NY after a long illness.  This
information has been confirmed by the Social Security Administration as well as
obituaries from Syracuse Herald Journal.  Both Albert and Marie Kath said to be
buried at the Beechwood Cemetery in Forest Port, NY

Sept 1950 obituary
                                                                           July 1978 obituary

As far as Margaret Shortsleeve, while we were able to ascertain that she married
quite young and is said to have married a "Leonard Shortsleeve"and that she had a
child named Elizabeth, I've yet to find any information which confirms any sort of
union between Margaret and this Leonard Shortsleeve.  He did not share any
residences with Margaret in any of the census information published on this website.
I did locate a "Leonard Shortsleeve" in the 1920 census. He was born approximately
1894 and lived with his parents in Oswego.  It is known that Margaret Chawgo
(Kath) Shortsleeve died in February of 1974 as documented by the Social Security
Administration. Interesting is that the social security administration lists a second
"Margaret Shortsleeve" who was born in 1928 and died in 1998. Both Margaret
Shortsleeves listed their addresses as 13069 Fulton, Oswego, NY.  I am assuming
that Elizabeth's full name was Margaret Elizabeth Shortsleeve. I did locate a 1931
yearbook from Southside High which had a student named Elizabeth Shortsleeve but
her year of birth was also estimated at 1924.  The only way to research Margaret
Shortsleeve and her daughter Elizabeth would to order the copies of their applications
for social security numbers. These copies would indicate who their parents were.
Without a date of marriage, ordering a marriage record would be difficult. The next
choice would be to contact St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, where Albert
Frederick Kath was baptised at and hope that the Kath family were regular members
of that church.       

            Children of Albert Frederick Kath and Maria Heinrich Kath
Nina Kath was born___________. She married__________Rookey. Their children
Judith Marie        Feb 14, 1939
Patricia June       March 6, 1940
Carol Winifred    March 5, 1943
Francis Albert     Jan 15, 1947

Nina Rookey has 7 grandchildren

Albert C. Kath
was born May 20, 1920. Albert married Laura Borszewski, daughter
of Bertha See (as in See's Candy)  and Henry Borszewski. Their children are;

Constance Ann
Jeanne Marie
Denise Michelle
Shelly Lynn
Alexa Lee

Albert Kath died  June 22, 1996.  Laura Kath currently resides in New York and has
i6 grandchildren;

Virginia June Kath was born April 22,  1927  in Syracuse, Onondaga County,  NY.
After graduating from Eastwood High School as Valedictorian, in 1944,  June
attended Syracuse University and graduated Cum Laude in 1948 with a bachelors
degree in Mechanical Engineering.  During her college years, she was employed by
the University in the Engineering Libary, Institute of Industrial Research on
hysteresis of metals and supervised woodworking shop at the Civic Boy's Club.  Her
honors included; Tau Beta Pi- National engineering honorary, Pi Mu Epsilon-
National mathematics honorary (president 1946), Pi Tau Sigma-Mechanical
engineering honorary, Pi Omicron- Women's engineering honorary and ASME-junior

On March 27, 1949 June Kath married
Robert Barnett Humphrey, son of Rufus T.
Humphrey and Florence Barnett Humphrey, in a candlelight ceremony at St. Paul's
Lutheran Church.  They had the following children;

Robert Barnett    June 12, 1950     in Detroit, Michigan
Edward Kath      June 13, 1952     in Poughkeepsie, New York.
John Albert         Nov  20, 1953    in Poughkeepsie, New York
David Rufus       June 22, 1956     in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Robert Barnett Humphrey died tragically on November 21, 1983 in El Paso, Texas.
June currently resides in Tucson, Arizona and is the Grandmother of 11.

June Kath birth record
                                                                            Hospital bill 1927
                                                                            Syracuse University Photo
                                                                            June & Bob grad. photos
                                                                            Wedding announcement
                                                                            Wedding picture
                                                                             Humphrey family photo


More to follow