The earliest Becker I have found connected to our family line is that of
Martino Beker and
Margaretha Phahler of Hettenleidelheim, Phalz, Bayern, Germany.

1. Jacobus Beker (Oct 19, 1811)                             
 Full Martino Beker descendant Outline
2. Joannes Beker (Oct 25, 1813)
3. Elizabeth Beker (Sept 28, 1816)
4. Maria Anna Becker (DOB ?)
5. Joannes (Adami) Becker (DOB?)
6. Joannes Conradus Beker (Mar 22, 1822)

Jacob Beker, the first child of Martino Beker and Margaretha Phahler, was born Oct 19,
1811. He married
Anna Maria Schmitt, daughter of Balthasar Schmitt and Philippina
Kuecher, Nov 28, 1840 in Hettenleidelheim, Phalz, Bayern, Germany and had 7 children:

Anna Maria Becker Aug 31, 1841
Maria Anna Becker May 22, 1843
Jacobus Becker Apr 22, 1845
Balthasarus Becker April 22, 1845
Adamus Becker Dec 17, 1847
Leonardus Becker July 14, 1850
Simonus Becker April 28, 1854 (NY State Death Certificate, & NY State Marriage License)

The above information is confirmed by the following sources:

-Marriages, Katholisch, Hettenleidelheim, Pfalz, Bayern (1833-1885) Batch M987574

-Kirchenbuch, 1707-1961, Katholisch Kirche Hettenleidelheim, Pfalz, Bayern Church
Records Serial call # 0489426

-Birth and Christening, Katholisch, Hettenleidelheim, Pfalz, Bayern, Batch C042184, Serial #
0489424 all of which obtained from

It is from Simon Becker our family originates from. Hence, I'll be designating Simon Becker as
the progenitor of our family line.

From Germany to the United States 1872-

Simon Becker, the youngest of seven children, was born April 28, 1854 in Hettenleidelheim,
Pfalz, Bayern Germany to Jacob Becker and Anna Maria Schmitt Becker and  baptized as
"Simonus Becker."  He immigrated to the United States in 1872  traveling from
Untergrombach, Bruchsal, Baden according to the Baden, German Emigration Index 1866-
1911 and confirmed according to his 1910 census for the State of South Carolina,
Spartanburg Co, Spartanburg City.  He made a similar trip to and from Germany in 1879
sailing on the
Adriatic and arriving  April 26, 1879.

                                                           LDS, FHL film 489424  
                                                           Baden, German Emigration Index 1866-1911
New York Passenger Ship 1820-1957 M237-417

It has been assumed that Simon Becker was the only Becker of our line to immigrate to the
United States, however according to daughter Kate Harbes Becker, an Aunt Becker had
visited the family in Spartanburg from New York when the earthquake of 1886 occurred in
Charleston. I've yet to discover which sibling of Simon's had immigrated.

    "She often told us about the Charleston earthquake, in the summer of 1886. She was
    alone. Father was in Europe and Aunt Becker, who had come from New York to remain
    with her during his absence, was so frightened that she was unable to speak"
                                                                Was it Worthwhile? Kate Harbes Becker, pg 16

On August 2, 1879, five years after arriving in the United States, Simon Becker married
, daughter of Gerard Harbes and Catherine Feckinger, in New York at the Church of
the Annunciation.  The wedding was witnessed by Jacob Becker, Simon Becker's father.
*Note: According to Kate Becker 1926 death certificate, which was filled out by son Leonard
Becker, Kate's parents were listed as "John Harbes" and Katherine "Braun". The information
obtained from marriage license is more credible as the information was provided by Kate
Harbes herself.

 New York State Marriage License
                                                                              Aug 1879 Wedding Photograph
                                                                              Simon Becker photos

Kate Harbes was born in September of 1860 in Hicksville, New York, according to her 1900
Federal census for Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and her 1879 NY
marriage License.  Her death certificate did list a date of a birth, just an age.

    "Father and Mother were natives of New York State....Father believed that the South
    offered greater opportunities than the North to the investor of small capital. So after He
    and Mother were married in the Church of the Annunciation, Brooklyn, they journeyed
    southward on their honeymoon, with the intentions of remaining permanently"

                                                               Was It Worthwhile? Kate Harbes Becker, pg. 10

Following their 1879 wedding, Simon and Kate moved to Spartanburg in South Carolina and
opened up Schmidt and Becker Bakery. The business partnership, with Leonard Schmidt,  
included Confections, a bottling works and general store, which was located on Main and
Church, in the old Palmetto Building.

    "Shortly after, Father entered into partnership with his cousin, Leonard Schmidt"
    Was It Worthwhile?
    Was It Worthwhile? Kate Harbes Becker, pg 13

Spartanburg City c 1880's
Schmidt & Becker Store                      

The June 5 1880 census for South Carolina, Spartanburg County, Spartanburg, listed:

Simon Becker (26) grocer
Kate (19) keeping house and
Leonard Smith (27) boarder-grocer.

On April 26, 1883, Simon Becker received his Declaration of Citizenship papers from the
circuit court of Spartanburg County, South Carolina.
1880 South Carolina Census, Spartanburg
                                                                         1883 Declaration of Citizenship

Simon and Kate Becker had 8 children. All were born in Spartanburg, South Carolina and
baptised by a traveling priest from St. Mary's Catholic Church of Greenville, South Carolina.

St. Mary's baptismal certificates
                                                                          Simon Becker Family photo (c-1900)

Leonard William Becker          Feb 4, 1880
Elizabeth Josephine Becker   1882
Catherine Harbes Becker       Oct 9, 1883
Eleanor Becker                       Oct 17, 1887-1893
Ann Amelia Becker                  Oct 5, 1885
Aaron Joseph Becker              Nov 23, 1888
William Simon Becker              July 16, 1892
Mary Agnes Becker                 Aug 3, 1895.

In 1893 Simon Becker was called to testify as a witness, in a nearby city, for an
embezzlement case being tried by the Supreme Court. He was called away for a week and a
few days after his return to Spartanburg, his daughter Ellen Nora died of influenza. She was
six years old.

    "A few days later beautiful angel carried Eleanor into the shadowy valley. With tender
    hands the neighbors fashioned her shroud, and made her ready for that long sleep from
    which there is no awakening....Death had come like a thief in the night, but as we
    beheld the sweet serenity that marked her features, reverent joy was mingled with our
    tears, for surely she had heard the Saviour's message, "suffer the little children to come
    unto Me, and forbid them not; For of such is the kingdom of God" Mark X:14

                                                                  Was it Worthwhile? Kate Harbes Becker pg 24

On February of 1898, in an effort to protect American interests in Cuba as  well as a show of
concern for Cuba in its desires to be independent from Spain, the battleship Main was sent
to Havana on the orders of President William McKinley. As a result of, what many believe, to
be an under water mine, the "Main" blew up resulting in the death of its  260 American
occupants.  Assuming, but not really knowing if  Spain was responsible for the incident, war
was declared on April 21, 1898 against Spain, hence the Spanish American War. Simon and
Kate Becker's oldest son, Leonard William Becker enlisted.  The Spanish American War
ended in August of 1898 only to then start the Philippine American War which resulted when  
the Philippines  was released from Spain's control and given to the U.S following the signing
of the peace treaty.

    "...One February morning in eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, I heard Father tell
    Mother the battleship Main had been blown up by explosion and sun in Havana
    harbor. The war cry of "Remember the Main" swept over the country. "

Was it Worthwhile? Kate Harbes Becker, pg 25

The 1900 federal census for South Carolina, Spartanburg Co, Spartanburg City listed:
Simon (46) confectionery business, Kate (39), Lennie (20)- manager of bottling co &
confections, Lizzie (18), Katy (16), Amelia (14), Aaron (13), William (7) and Agnes (4).
Leonard Schmidt, Simon's cousin, resided at another address and was listed as unmarried,
47 and in the confectionery business.
1900 Simon Becker census
                                                                                       1900 Leonard Schmidt census

The 1910 census for Spartanburg County, South Carolina listed:

Simon Becker (46) bottling business
Katie (45)
Amelia (24)
Aaron (20)
William (17)
Mary Agnes (14).                                                                 
1910 Simon Becker census

None of the children who remained at home with Simon and Kate Becker were engaged in
any employment as noted on census. Mary Agnes was still attending high school at
Converse High.  Elizabeth Josephine had already graduated from Converse College and
was married to Julian Emmett Sanders.  Leonard William had married Stella Furlow  and had
their first child. Their daughter Kate Harbes Becker had joined the Sisters of Mercy Convent
in Belmont, NC.

On March 1, 1916, Simon Becker died as a result of an embolism.  His will left all of his
estate to his wife Katie Becker.
Simon Becker 1916 Death Certificate
                                                                               Simon Becker will

In 1920 Katie Becker lived at her residence with her youngest son William Simon Becker, her
youngest daughter Mary Agnes Becker Whiteside and grandson Garland Erastus Whiteside
Jr.  Mary Agnes's husband Garland Erastus Whiteside Sr was in another county presumably
trying to find work. It is also speculated that their marriage was dissolving which is why they
did not reside together.

Katie Becker died in April of 1926 as a result of gall stone surgery and was buried at
Oakwood Cemetery in the Becker Family Plot.  It took 7 years to locate her death certificate
because the State of South Carolina misspelled her name as Katie

                               First Generation United States born Beckers
In the early 1900's most of Kate and Simon's children were either grown or in college with the
exception of William Simon Becker and Mary Agnes Becker. Below are narratives for each of
the Becker children as well as photos, census material and newspaper clippings.

Leonard William Becker
                                                     Feb 4, 1880-Feb 26, 1955

Leonard Becker was the first child born to Simon Becker and Katie Harbes Becker, on Feb 4,
1880, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. After graduating from Converse High School, he
served in the Spanish American War and in  1905 married Stella Furlow of Georgia. They
had their first and only child in 1908. It was rumored that he attended Clemson College but
the archives dept failed to locate any documentation of his matriculation.  The 1910 census
for Spartanburg County listed  Leonard William Becker (30), a machinist for an automobile
shop, Stella (25), Leonard Jr (1) and two borders, Mandi Furlow and M. Mathews. He
registered for the World War I draft but there is no indication that he served.  In 1920 the
federal census listed; Leonard (39), Stella (34) and Leonard Jr (11). Leonard Sr was still
employed in the auto business.  Nothing changed for the 1930 census, except that Leonard
was employed in the plumbing business and his son Leonard Jr was employed as a
plumbers helper.  Later in life Leonard Becker would serve as superintendent of Beckers
Bakery until his retirement.   Leonard William Becker died in Spartanburg, South Carolina
February 26, 1955.  His wife Stella passed on June 21, 1981 followed by their son Leonard
Simon Becker in 1988 and his wife, Ruby Jewel Garner Becker in 1995.  It should be noted
that it was Ruby Jewel Garner who picked up the family genealogy project  where Ann
Amelia Becker Woodworth had left off.

Leonard William Becker and Family
WWI Draft Card
Leonard William Becker Spartanburg, SC 1910 Census
1920 census
1930 census
Elizabeth Josephine Becker
                                         Oct 10,1882- August 28, 1967

She attended Converse College in Spartanburg South Carolina from 1897 to 1900. In 1904,
at the age of 22, she married 32 year old Julian Emmett Sanders who was born Oct 17,
1872. The 1910 census for Sumter County indicates that at age 28 she was residing in
Rafting Creek, Sumter Co, with her husband  Emmett Sanders (38).  Their only child Julian
Emmett Sanders II was born Dec 1, 1915.  In Sept of 1918, Julian Emmett Sanders I,
registered for the WWI Draft at the age of 45. There is no indication that he served. The
1920 census indicated Julian Emmett Sanders (48), Elizabeth (38) and son Julian Emmett
Sanders II (4) as residing in Rafting Creek, Sumter County, South Carolina.  In 1930, the
information was much the same.  Son Julian Emmett Sanders II married Francis McDaniels
on Sept 25, 1943 and had four children. Their third child Julian Emmett Sanders III born  
1952 and died in 1954 due to a back yard accident.  Julian Emmett Sanders I died January
1, 1956 followed by Elizabeth Josephine Becker Sanders on August 28,  1967.

Elizabeth Josephine Becker Sanders & Family
Converse College photo    1920 Census 1930 census
J. E. Sanders I  WWI Registration Card
Catherine Harbes Becker
                                             October 9, 1883- July 3, 1958

Born in Spartanburg, SC.  She attended the Magnolia Street School during her elementary
school years and attended converse College. She received her graduate degree from the
Catholic University of America, and in 1905 entered the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Belmont,
NC, where she took the name Sister Mary Magdalene.  She was a member of the Sacred
Heart Junior Academy faculty in Belmont, NC, and between 1931 and 1951, she would write
a number of published works including-
Was it Worthwhile? [her fictional biography],
Biography of Christian Reid,  Peter Hamilton Haynes: Life and Letters, as well as, English
Outlines for the Busy Teacher
.  She celebrated her golden jubilee in 1957 and passed away
a year later in July of 1958. Cause of death was advanced colon cancer.

When asked about Sister Mary Magdalene and her book
Was it worthwhile?, niece of Mary
Magdalene, and my 3rd cousin, Mary Katherine Becker Shutting, of Chattanooga, TN, had
this to say:

      " Mandy, I didn't tell you about Sister Magdalene's book being dedicated to me
    because,  believe it or not, I had forgotten all about it completely.  I'm so glad you
    reminded me.  I  remember I was very proud and she even sent me a copy of the book-
    but when you  reminded me I couldn't even remember the name of the book.  It used to
    be in the book case- but I looked and it's no longer there.  What could have happened
    to it?  I don't know, I wouldn't have recommended it to anyone- I found it dreadfully
    boring.... Sister Magdalene was a very interesting person.  She broke all the convent
    rules.  Traditionally nuns traveled in pairs.  Not Sr. M!!  When she did research on her
    books she went alone...Maybe she couldn't get anyone to go with her.  The Becker
    woman were all pretty high and mighty (and snooty!)

Kate Harbes Becker, aka Sister Mary Magdalene Photos.
Enters Sisterhood clipping
1920 Census
Newspaper articles  
Golden Jubilee Clipping  
North Carolina death index    
obituaries bio
Ellen Nora  Becker              
                                                Oct 17, 1887-1893-
Buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Spartanburg, South
Baptismal certificate      
Ann Amelia Becker
                                     October 5, 1885- September 21, 1961

was born  Oct 5, 1885 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Her elementary school years were
held at Magnolia St. School also in Spartanburg.  Between 1901 and 1904, she attended  
Converse College and directed the children's choir while doing her studies.  After graduating
from Converse she taught school in Spartanburg before getting married in 1917 to Thomas
William Woodworth  in Chicago.  Her husband Thomas Woodworth Sr (born Nov 30, 1885),
became employed by Becker Bakery and later served as its General Manager.  Thomas
Woodworth I registered for WWI but did not serve. The 1920 census listed Thomas
Woodworth as employed in the Bakery Businesses.  Their only child, Thomas W.
Woodworth II was born October 29, 1921.  After high school he attended and graduated from
the Citadel with Gold Star honors.   Thomas Woodworth I served as Mayor of Spartanburg
from 1937 to 1941. The 1930 census listed Thomas Woodworth I as manager for whole
sales of Bakery.  During this time he became President of the Bakery Co, which at that time
was considered one of the largest in the Piedmont Area.  In 1936 the Woodworth family
shipped to the Bermuda Islands in celebration of Thomas Woodworth II's graduation from
high school.  In 1942, following graduation from the Citadel, Thomas Woodworth II was
inducted into the Army as a Second Lieutenant. He served 4 years in the Philippines and
ended his military career as a Major with an honorable.  Thomas Woodworth I died in
Asheville, NC at a local hospital after a short illness in 1947 and was buried in Spartanburg,
South Carolina.  Thomas Woodworth II died in 1960 also after a short illness followed by Ann
Amelia Becker Woodworth in 1961.  She left the bulk of their estate to St. Paul's Catholic
Church and to the Spartanburg County Library system.

Baptismal cert.  Converse Portrait   Converse Transcripts   WWI Draft Card  1920 Census,  
1930 Census  NY Port Ship manifest   North Carolina Death Index  Woodworth obituaries  
Estate Auction clipping   Amelia Becker Woodworth obit.  Amelia Becker Woodworth will
Aaron Joseph Becker
                                         Nov 23, 1888-Aug 24, 1965

Aaron Joseph Becker was born in 1888.  He attended elementary and high school in
Spartanburg, South Carolina and after high school attended and graduated from Clemson
College where he was an active member of various school clubs.   Following graduation from
Clemson he attended the University of Illinois for two years.  In 1916 he joined the army and
during World War I served with the 6th Division. He served as a Colonel in Hawaii and
Trinidad and commanded the 121 Infantry, the Dixie Division, at Fort Jackson.  His last 2
years in the service were spent at the Pentagon.  He retired form the military in 1949.    He
died August 24, 1965 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors.   He
was survived by his wife Mary Wilkins Becker and two sons, Allen Becker and Robert Becker.
Clemson pictures,  WWI Draft,  1920 census,  obituary
Information to follow
William Simon Becker  
                                       July 16, 1892-September 1965.

William Simon Becker, the youngest son born to Simon Becker and Katie Harbes Becker,
was born July 16, 1892 and baptized September 11, of that same year.  He attended
Clemson College for a year according to college records.  He was married briefly to Lillian
Spearman in 1918 along with their child Simon Becker as a result of the flu epidemic.

    "There was a terrible flu epidemic in 1918 and his wife and baby died.  He had two     
     pieces of her jewelry; a cameo ring and a cameo brooch which contained a lock of  
     Eleanor's [a sister of William who died] and he gave the brooch to me and I gave it
     recently to my own daughter who is also named Lillian, after my mother in law. "

William Simon Becker registered for the World War I draft and served in the CAC for 10
months.  In  1918 he was employed as a manager of the bottling plant for the Estate of
Simon Becker bakery. 1920 lived with Mother Kate Harbes Becker and sister Mary Agnes
and her son Garland Erastus Whiteside JR.  In the early 1920's he met and married Mazie
Kendrick.  They would have three children; Mary Katherine, Ann Amelia and William Simon
Becker.  William Becker Sr would help run the Becker Bakery in Spartanburg and then
moved his family to Chattanooga where he then opened up his own bakery.  When his
daughter Mary was 18 she contracted Polio. As a result of the public fears of catching the
disease the bakery's business suffered and closed up.

    "After the bakery closed, he went to a job he loved....Stone and Webster".  After the
    war  started in 1941 his firm transferred to Oak Ridge, TN where the atomic Bomb was   
    developed.  None of the employees knew what was going on but, perhaps they were  
    like Daddy and suspected.  Anyway, he transferred with Stone and Webster to Oak  
    Ridge- though he lived in Knoxville, for that duration.  The first A-Bomb dropped on
    Japan but it didn't surprise him one bit.   Though very intelligent, he was really a man
    with simple tastes.  He loved fairy tales, one book in particular he read every year, 'The  
    Princess and the Goblins'.  He also thought every dance that came after the waltz was    
    uncivilized, but he was a sweet"
                                                                  Mary Katherine Becker- Shutting

baptismal certificate   Clemson Photo  death index 1918   WWI Draft 1918  1930 census

Mary Agnes Becker
                                            Aug 3, 1895- March 1984
   Mary Agnes Becker, my great Grandmother, was the last of the Becker children born to
Simon Becker and Katie Harbes-Becker.  Records from the local high school indicate that
she got no further than the 10th grade and shortly after the death of her father Simon Becker
in 1916, met Garland Erastus Whiteside and married him.  I have been unsuccessful in
locating any official marriage records from either North or South Carolina.  Garland
Whiteside's WWI Draft card indicates wife and child and their son Garland Erastus Whiteside
Jr's delayed birth certificate indicates that his parents were married.  He was born in April of
1917 when his mother was 21.  If they were married it was short lived.  According to the 1920
census Mary Agnes resided with her son at the home of her mother Katie Becker along with
her brother William Simon Becker. Her estranged husband, Garland Erastus Whiteside Sr
resided in Greenville, NC as a  boarder, according to his 1920 census.

  On July 30, 1924 Mary Agnes married Dewitt Whitlock, in Hendersonville, NC. Mr Whitlock,
born September 14, 1894, served in the U.S Army in World War I and was discharged in
1919.   Mary Agnes and Dewitt Whitlock would later reside in Asheville, North Carolina and
raise chickens.  Mary Agnes's son, Garland E. Whiteside would attend high school at
Asheville High and later Biltmore College.  In 1957 Dewitt Whitlock died of a heart attack and
after his death Mary Agnes moved to Kern County in California to be closer to her only son
Garland where she stayed until her death in 1984.
Baptismal certificate  Mary Agnes Photos  1920 Spartanburg census, 1930 census Asheville,
NC, Social Security application copy, marriage license, death certificate, grave stone and
Becker Family Crest
Our Becker Family History
Whiteside    Delapaz    Becker    Harbes    Feckinger    Chitwood    Koger    Ash Farrow/Cunard   
Humphrey    Barnett    Kath/Chawgo/Heinrick    Underlee/Olson
in 1997 while doing what I have done since I was a young girl,
snooping in my grandparents closets, I came across a 5 page,
hand drawn, and partially typed family tree dated 1942. The
only name  I recognized was that of my Great Grandmother,
Mary Agnes Becker. While that family tree didn't provide any
great details other than the names and descendants of my
Great Great Grandparents Kate and Simon Becker and  names
of Kate Becker's parents,  I would use that drawn family tree
as a  skeleton if you will, in my quest for more information.
During the last ten years that "family tree" helped me to find
stories, documents, pictures, books, distant relatives on the
East Coast and my prize find, information which led me to
successfully research an  1852 murder, which proved
unsuccessful for a seasoned New York State historian.
German Beckers